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Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 4-7 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Laboratório de Radioisótopos Eduardo Penna Franca (LREPF) 

In 2016 the LREPF completed 60 years of experience in the determination and quantification of pollutants in diverse environments, ranging from the Amazon to Antarctica. LREPF pioneered the research on the interaction between pollutants and human health, with the beginning of its studies in the 1970s on human exposure to radionuclides and the environmental dynamics of these elements. Currently the studies performed in LREPF have been directed to the evaluation of environmental and human contamination by heavy metals and organic micropollutants.

LREPF represents one of the most prominent Brazilian research groups in this area and part of the success the group has achieved in its studies comes from successful partnerships with national and international research groups. These partnerships provide a dynamic flow of ideas and knowledge, fundamental for maintaining the high quality of the studies and results obtained.

As part of the strategy for establishing and maintaining these partnerships, the Laboratory has been carrying out the International Workshop on Pollutants in the Environment (IWPE), where researchers, teachers and students from Brazilian, European, North and South American and Asian groups meet to present their research. During these workshops the debates of high technical-scientific level allow results and discussions to be improved and new questions arise, leading to innovative projects and new partnerships.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the International Workshop of Pollutants in the Environment (1997- 2017), The Orbital - The Electronic Journal of Chemistry is currently running a Special Issue entitled "Pollutants in the environment".


Wolfgang Christian Pfeiffer 

Honorary Research Fellow - In memoriam

Professor Wolf was an excellent researcher and brilliant educator. He is a reference in the evaluation of environmental contaminants, he published dozens of articles in the area of environmental sciences, as well as guided and helped the training of great professionals in the area. He was a professor at the Biophysics Institute Carlos Chagas Filho of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Head of the Laboratory of Radioisotopes Eduardo Penna Franca and Coordinator of graduate program in Biological Sciences (Biophysics). He was also the creator of the Environmental and Human Contamination Project by Mercury in the Amazon, the creator of the Environmental Sciences Center of the State University of North Fluminense and the responsible for the installation of the Laboratory of Biogeochemistry of the Federal University of Rondônia. He will always be remembered for his contributions, success and dedication in the studies of environmental contaminants!

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